Hoshin zuir tsetsen ugs


Uneneer yvbal uher tergeer tuulai guitsene.

Ovoo bosgoogui bol shaazgai yundaa suuh ve?

Aavdaa aduu manahiig zaana.

Ih sanasan gazar 9 shunu hooson honono.

Siiruulsen ni:

Uneneer yvbal ulsuj uhne, uher tergeer shariliig ni zuunu.

Shaazgai bosgoogui bol ovoo yundaa suuh ve?

Aaviigaa manahiig aduundaa zaana.

9 shunu hooson honoson gazar ih sanana.

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2 Responses to Hoshin zuir tsetsen ugs

  1. hannah says:

    hi i would like to know if u could get some more funny pictures like this for me thanks

  2. Adenorercon says:

    На каком-то сайте я уже читал почти такую же инфу, но все равно спасибо

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