The Bookseller Hires Author Solutions Exec To Spout Propaganda

David Gaughran wrote about Propaganda

David Gaughran

futurebookAuthor Solutions is like a Bizarro version of King Midas. Everything they touch turns to shit.

One frustrating aspect of this is their history of co-opting supposedly independent organizations, which then silence critical voices.

This week, The Bookseller went one step further, and has hired a former Author Solutions executive called Tim Davies to write for their digital offshoot FutureBook.

Davies used his debut FutureBook post to vomit up some Author Solutions PR, interspersed with gushing praise for his former boss, who he breathlessly describes as “the effortlessly charming and driven Kevin Weiss.”

Of course, you only find out that Tim Davies is a former Author Solutions executive in the final paragraph of that post – something which should be disclosed up top (with a lot more detail too).

But that’s not the most troubling part. In keeping with the standard editorial line of The Bookseller since Author…

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